Vauxhall City Farm

London is full of pockets of green space which I love finding and exploring. Yesterday was no exception, as Sojo and I went to Vauxhall City Farm to see some animals!

All last year I would get the train from Waterloo back to Kingston, passing through Vauxhall. I had frequently noticed the park when looking out of the train window, but had never noticed that there was a farm situated at the back of it! Whilst not a huge farm (obviously; you are still in London!), it still had a great variety of animals to see. If you have children you would definitely be able to make more of your time, as there were people working there who let then children hold some of the animals such as ferrets, ducks and chickens.

🐑🐐 🐔 🐖🐏 🐎 🐇

Our favourite were the alpacas!IMG_0322

Although you couldn’t feed them, throughout the farm there were stations where you could purchase some pellets to feed the goats and sheep or some seeds to feed the geese and ducks. There is also a cafe where you can feed yourselves!

It was really nice to do something slightly different whilst still close to the centre of London. Just a quick journey on the Victoria line, it is right behind the station and makes an easy trip whether as a family outing, or just an outing like it was for us.


A kingdom of goats and sheep!

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