Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween!

A great childhood memory I have of me and my brother growing up is Halloween. It started as soon as we got home from school, with Mum having spent the day prepping the house for trick-or-treat-ers: cobwebs, spiders, skeletons, ghosts – and even eerie, spooky sounds playing in the porch! After getting our fancy dress on, we’d go round our cul-de-sac and up to our grandparents trick-or-treating (leaving my not so impressed Dad coming home from work to having to deal with visitors at our door!). It was also great to see what our friends and cousins dressed up as. Some people don’t like or agree with Halloween and see it as a petty holiday, but it’s important to remember that for kids (and some adults) it’s great fun and – like with me – contributes to good memories.

Since moving away, apart from the Halloween nights out at uni (shout out to Cara and your house’s Halloween party in final year!), nothing has really been done for Halloween in the neighbourhoods I’ve been in, and so it was great to see where I live in Bath all decked out for the occasion! I even carved a pumpkin this year with my friend (which was much more effort than I remember as a child…James, I definitely think you used to get the short straw of scooping out the pumpkin guts whilst I watched on!)

Bath has been pretty foggy recently, too, which really added to the ghoulish feel to the air. Whether you did anything for Halloween, gave out ‘treats’ or even hid from the persistent knocks on the door, hope you had a spooky time!




p.s. as much as Halloween can be great, I really really cannot cope with masks 👻


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