Goose Fair

If ever you needed a sign that autumn has arrived, Goose Fair is it.

Anyone from Nottingham will have heard about Goose Fair. This annual event runs during the first week of October, with rides, games and food stalls immersed in a flurry of lights and fairground noises. With stands dedicated to things like mushy peas with mint sauce, you know you’re in the heart of Nottingham.

Whilst being at university I didn’t have chance to go to Goose Fair – each time it came round I’d wish I was there – and so I was glad that this year it timed perfectly for me to go. I made sure I hadn’t had a big tea (tea, not dinner, for all you southerners!) so I could eat from the food stalls, and even won a teddy on a game where I had to catch a snowball (although I definitely got suckered into doing it twice…but that’s to be expected…right?).

Although open in the day, you get the full feeling of the fair by going at night time, especially if in true British style you want to wrap up warm for it! Yes, it can be pricey depending on the rides you go on and the restraint you have whilst wandering around, but soaking up the atmosphere is part of the fun too!


By the looks of Nottingham Council, they’re getting ready for next year’s already!



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